VN-Index fails to reach 1,160 points


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The VN-Index failed to hit the threshold 1,160 points after the stock market experienced loads of selling transactions late on March 20.

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On the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE), the VN-Index lost 4.62 points, ending the morning session at 1,154.6 points with 4.8 million shares traded for a value of 136 billion VND (5.98 million USD).

Closing the day, the bourse, however, gained 0.17 points to 1,159.39 points with total 214 million shares traded at 6.32 trillion VND (278 million USD).

The large-cap group VN30 Index climbed 3.93 points to 1,134.19 points at the end of the session with nearly 70 million shares traded at over 3.27 trillion VND (143.88 million USD).

On the Hanoi Stock Exchange, the HNX-Index also went up by 1.18 points to 135.28 points, with nearly 61 million shares traded at around 987 billion VND (43.4 million USD).

The HNX30 closed at 259.71 points with a rise of 0.99 points.

UpCoM-Index fell 0.04 points to 61.08 points. The transaction volume reached over 28 million units, or 609 billion VND (26.8 million USD). – VNA


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